Let’s have some fun & play time..with Titania..

Nobody who is on a path to truth & enlightenment can tell me they have not heard of Titania..the fairy Queen…Ok Shakespeare may have immortalized her in ” A Midsummer’s night dream”..for which he deserves 3 cheers .are you ready “Hip,Hip,.. Hooray, Hip,Hip,.. Hooray, Hip, Hip, Hooray… give yourself a round of applause while you are at itπŸ‘.. She is fun,/play, & we all need play in our lives.

Abundant 🍊, Gnomes,fairie,s fun,play, laughter,..feminine chatter, lots of hair combing, gaiety , feminine energy play to the core..the sacral charaka (2nd) fully open, energized& spinning correctly..I have entered the realm of the fairies & gnomes on numerous occasions.

Many a time my wife would say ” you have been away with the Faries again”..& I would grin,laugh,smile, & nod like a happy child, in agreement.

If you have not yet been to the fairy realm& met Titania yet .you don’t know what you are missing… Oh heck alright, you twisted my arm.. here is a personal excecise, example, that I have experienced, that will help you experience thus realm.

It is a joyful playful fun space, full of vigour, feminine laughter & giggling…so 1st make yourself a large.orange circle (big enough to stand in)…lol..ha,ha,.

Make yourself comfortable, close your eyes as you listen to some orange Ray frequency music, 484-504hz , start to visualize a massive amount of the orange Ray spinning in from the crown chakra & down to the sacral , open up to fun, laughter…you will after about 7-8 minutes, drift.into the realm of gnomes & Faries spend time here relaxing, play ing replenishing your active feminine side.πŸŽ‰

You will if you look hard enough & with enough intent & desire, see Titania, she may wink at you & beckon you to skip & jump& embrace joy, happiness,& childlike.awe ..spend as long as you wish here,it is a magical place.

πŸŒˆπŸ˜‡πŸ§šπŸ’ƒπŸ’. Love in I AM to you all…GG

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