Expanding your body energy.

The more we expand our energy the more we raise our vibrational frequency & the easier we are able to hold more light,

This is a excecise/process that you might like to try that I was shown many years ago (1990/91)..yep that long ago. Lol😇, designed to help you expand your energy levels.

Lay down make yourself comfortable• Begin by getting yourself in a trance/ mediative state, (however way you choose)..theta is my preferred method.

After a few minutes when you feel relaxed , sense your bodies energy field, then imagine your energy expanding , by rolling your energy to the left as far as it will go, you will hit a buffer,then bring it back. Do the same in your right. Repeat this process 7 times each time pushing a bit further, through the resistance…then relax breathe,& in your own time finish the exercise

This exercise done maybe 2-3 times a week will expand your energy greatly..you will feel the difference in so many ways..as usual should you wish to your experiences will be welcome.

Fun,fun, Love 🥰..GG

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