A ego runs amok

A tale of the ego..

Ms X was driving her very very expensive brand new sports car.

She parked & opened her door roadside, Crash, Splat, Crunch..as a passing car hit her opened door ripping it from it’s hinges.

There were lot of people around watching this as Ms X screamed ” OMG!! My door , my car”..A kindly woman urges ” Madam your car door is nothing, look at your arm it’s on the floor”..Ms X looked at her arm on the floor & replied ” forget the arm , look at the state of my new Rolex”.

A controlled ego is beautiful & helpful,..but when it runs amok…

Bless bless you all in honour , respect & love 💛💚…GG

Published by GG

I am a 60yo married male living in a greater london suburb. I have been learning aboput and working on myself etherically for over 20 years. I love reading and some of my favorite authors are JK Rowling (Hary Potter),Marion Zimmer Bradley,Tolkien(Lord of the rings),Carlos Castanda,Stuart Wilde and most fantasy books.

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