A Plethora of tools: Recap

I have presented you a plethora of tools which I know have worked for me on a personal level for years.

A treasure trove of gifts that I have accumulated & used on my journey…these tools I learnt from a variety of wonderful teachers, & gurus. Personal experiences that each & everyone of you, should you wish use.

With the Advent of modern technology the actual physical activity of doing disciplines has somewhat been overlooked .

It’s marvellous that the simple plugin of earphones or headphones & listening to frequency music or guided meditations you can access high levels of transformational expansion, making it so much easier then 30/35 yrs ago. Such is the progress that mankind made. Hundreds of thousands have the chance to understand themselves,others,higher light beings, planet Earth, the cosmos,& source itself .

There is however always a place for practical excercises, where you can see energy, & feel progress in physical reality.

So here is a recap of the hidden workshop so cunningly embedded in my musings…lol😇.

1: The Ear buzz. See buzz light ear.

2:Continued yawning . See The big yawn

3:back twinges: see The back drop.

4:Mind flip: see Mind Expansion (nectars cube)

5:Speckled mist anomaly:..see 5th dimensional overlay

6: Disappearing hand ; see disappearing hand

7: remembering your dreams: see Lucid dreaming.

8:Time expansion: see expanding time.

9: other lives: see an exercise in seeing your multiple lives.

10: seeing your own energy: An example of personal energy.

11: Head & 💖unity:..see head & heart in unity.

12: Discover your light language: see The beautiful language of light.

There you go…a dozen things you can should you wish try…Take care..love love 💕…GG


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