The Giving Up Syndrome.

I recently saw on a spiritual forum blog, a post wherein the author simply said they were giving it all up. (There quest, spiritual journey or whatever you call it). The reason stated was they were frustrated ,feeling they could not get any further, despite doing regular discipline,s .

There were numerous responses, to this post & nearly all stated this post reflected how they felt.

To be honest this is a all to familiar scenario, that point you reach where you feel you are not getting anywhere, that next barrier you feel you cannot breach ( been there to many times to mention)…lol…& In truth everybody on an inner I am journey , at some point has this sense of frustration…I call this the giving up syndrome.

Planet Earth is going through massive energy change right now & this energy shift is being seen or felt or both by everyone in one way or another…whoever said there was an end to our expansion ,growth & perception..the wisdom, knowledge,& understanding is …well VAST..

This giving up syndrome is known as hitting your current celling, & although each everyone of us the choice to give up if they desire, giving up is easy.

My love goes out to you all..💕…GG


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