Emotion & Giving

Pin your ears back & listen .lol.

Once we understand & finally have personal knowing (not just headspace knowledge) of the truth that each & every person chooses the circumstances they incarnate into on Earth, you can begin to look at all the pain & suffering that is happening to humanity from a detached non-judgemental universal space.

Things like children starving, lack of water, abuse, etc. as events that are happening to souls who have came here to experience these aspects of 3D reality, for reasons that we cannot possiblity know.

All we see these days is energy promoting these negative aspects of lack & poverty & violence..& poor this & poor that..an overwhelming outpouring of emotionaly charged energy, asking us to support this cause, that problem..aimed at making the masses feel guilty about the world problems .which keeps us stuck in guilt & emotionally connected to others negativity, when we have absolutely nothing to feel guilty about, me ,you, everybody creates our own reality..guilt prevents that growth, .. remove it from your thinking ,& don’t act from emotional guilt..never give to anything or anybody out of guilt or obligation.

Giving & generosity are wonderful traits to have..but give because you genuinely choose to support those things that you truly feel drawen to, not out of an emotional & guilt ridden space.. because that only adds to the causes/s conditions that you trying to prevent. Remember everything is energy, & emotional guilt, negative energy often causes an unbalance in 3D duality.

Love love…GG

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