The wonderful healing process.

A major part of healing humanity comes from allowing others to be without judgement, anger or bitterness… these are all parts of the darker aspects of our self.. energy spaces we have not yet resolved..very few humans have evolved beyond the entire darkness of themselves & the pain of planet Earth.

I still feel twangs of frustration ,anger & judgement towards others, but when you work on yourself you find yourself better equipped to deal with dark negative energy & you can often deal with it before it becomes to harmful to you & others..we really have to work on ourselves to cleanse our initial deepest imbedded dark,negative blockages, once that is accomplished, your energy then begins to strengthen & become imbued with more loving light , enabling you to repel the firmilar thoughts,& patterns that arise from within,. To merge with your I am, you need to breathe love to others, constantly tell yourself you are self love, ,be humble, generous & respectful, correct yourself when your darkness shows itself,, embrace it & forgive it, & yourself.

Pray to the beings of light for assistance, be compassionate, caring to all life, animals,birds, plants,tree’s,insects, as well as meditate & learn to enter trance states. You will make mistakes, instill in yourself an unending love for God (which you are a loving aspect of)& everything you do not yet understand, be happy in knowing what you know in the NOW ,for what you need to know will always be revealed.

I send you love & respect..GG

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