More on light language

Following on from my previous blog on light language, having practiced drawing free flowing sub-conscious symbols. The next step for those interested in activating there, own personal language is the actual practice of sound activation.

There are a multitude of online “activate light language videos. .I used the one
On Facebook “Soulfull heart experience “site ..simply by listening to these specially designed tracks in meditation/trance & practicing a few la,la,,s you will eventually tune into your latent light language.

As usual I like to share my personal experiences..above is a 1 minute video of one of my early light language practices…shameful. Lol..

I bless your beautiful source self ..GG

Published by GG

I am a 60yo married male living in a greater london suburb. I have been learning aboput and working on myself etherically for over 20 years. I love reading and some of my favorite authors are JK Rowling (Hary Potter),Marion Zimmer Bradley,Tolkien(Lord of the rings),Carlos Castanda,Stuart Wilde and most fantasy books.

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