The beautiful language of light.

This is brief introduction to the beautiful language of light .

The civilisations of both Lymura& Atlantis, used light language as a form of communication, when it, got corrupted & misused, by sectors of both of these civilisations (reptilian races), The benevolent Lymurians, who ascended from Earth, chose to pass on the knowledge, understanding & potency of light language to other higher dimensional beings like the Arcturians,Pleiadians, & Sirians, who speak there own versions of this wonderful universal language & early human seedings.

Light language comes from the heart , it is an authentic truth..on how we as individuals really feel, & Express…imagine what a beautiful planet this would be if we all spoke continually from the heart.

Light language unlocks your corrupted DNA strands. It holds so many secrets, & because of its high vibrational frequencies, it cleanses your ❤️ & soul, & when you unlock your own personal light language, you reclaim your full potential.

It is the throat Chakra, in full flow. It is latent in all of us, everybodies is different in some way or another & can be expressed with hand gestures, sound, musical la,la,s, & pictures(drawn symbols).

As is customary with ..I like to give personal experiences,& an exercise that supports my Ravings. Lol. The following excecise will help you stir the lantent beautiful light language that you possess.

Take a sheet of drawing paper, breathe deeply several times, blank your mind ,close your eyes & using a pencil start to draw, don’t force the issue just go with the flow…the photo at the beginning of this article is one of my own personal experiences in doing this exercise…my very 1st examples of me drawing light language images & symbols .

In ending , light language is hardly ever understood by the 3D mind, it comes from your deepest heart & soul feelings…it is from here that understanding this wonderful, beautiful, aspect of our universal self unfolds.

I therefore send you a light language blessing in gratitude & Love. GG

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