God works in simple ways

In a small town somewhere, the floods arrived. The residents were asked to evacuate.
One devoutly religious woman decided to stay, insisting god will save her. As the water levels rose she prayed to God asking him to save her.
Still the rains fell, & the water was now seeping through her door.
A row boat passed & somebody shouted “get in” the woman replied ” no no god will save me”
The row boat went, the woman prayed some more asking God to save her.
The water by now had risen dramatically , the woman had to move upstairs. A rescue boat passed by ” jump in lady” came a voice, “no no ” she replied god will save me..the rescue boat disappeared..still she prayed asking God to save her.
But the rain & water levels never stopped, the woman was in the roof now..as she prayed some more asking God to save her , a rescue helicopter circled above, ” take the ladder lady” came a cry ..her reply was still ” no no god will save me”.. the rescue helicopter flew away …
The woman awoke in heaven, seeing god, she asked “my Lord why did you not save me?” God looked at her puzzled & said ” well I did send you a row boat, a rescue boat & helicopter”
Everything is perception, & how you perceive it.
I send a light language blessing 🌈..GG


2 responses to “God works in simple ways”

  1. Beautifully expressed the wonders worked in secret yet in such a simple way in our day to day instances…🍁

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    1. https://meraki010702.wordpress.com
      Suggesting you my page. I hope you go through my piece of written works 🍁

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