A New Era of Co-operation

As we now have entered a new era/epoch/age, one of the major changes that has started to become a reality, & will continue to sweep the planet , is humanity working more & more in co-operation, not competing ,competing is a dying energy, co-operation is the way forward.

The willingness to share & help each other in business, finances,health,healing,& leisure. The offering of an individuals energy in support & love, utilising our talents, experience,& gifts to uplift & assist others in joy & a genuine gratitude & grace, while allowing others to uplift , assist & help you in sincerity & honour. Beyond jealousy & petty squabbling, fighting for scraps & a piece of the so called elites leftovers.

A union of individual ,awakened, humans working in co-operation for the benefit of each other.

A million small businesses working in cohesive harmony is way more enriching for humanity & the planet, then 1,000 gigantic conglomerates tearing each other, mankind & the planet apart.

Ethically aware men & women united in empowering not only themselves but others & the planet .

You only have to look this very day, & you can see this wave of co-operation that is already engulfing large swathes of beautiful like minded humans…Greed,Avarice, Jealousy, discrimination & corruption is being dismantled..embrace the new fresher way forward.

Much blessings in grace, gratitude,light & love GG

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