An Exercise in seeing your multiple lives.

Our multiple lives,(past, simultaneous & future)are all individual aspects of our whole, fragments if you like.

By remembering & understanding these parts of us we can begin to unify them within ourselves. This enables us to move nearer to the single individualised source that we are…a light being existing in a human solid body.

I was shown this technique/exercise many years ago when I was a fledging student…lol. Done correctly this will allow you to see your current multiple lives, & how many you have in your current evolutionary expansion.

When I first done this all those years ago it was rather daunting, (just a rather gentle At that time I saw I had upto 15 multiple lives (different aspects of myself) functioning in different timelines (past, simultaneous & future).

Over the years as I developed, expanded,understood & remembered who I was , these multiple lives decreased in number as I reunited those aspects of myself into the unity of who “I AM”.

You need only do this exercise once every 6 or so weeks just to help show you how you are progressing in unifying & healing the different aspects of yourself.

Now onto the exercise.

Take a medium sized mirror, place it standing upright on a table in a very low lit room sitting comfortably place a candle in front of the mirror central & about Midway between you & the mirror. Now look into the mirror just above the flickering candle flame, as you gaze at your reflection you will after about 30 seconds or so, begin to see your current multiple lives lining up in a curve behind your reflection. You can count them & most of you will begin to remember & perhaps recognize some of the images as your sub-conscious awakens.. just stay calm & relaxed & know you are safe.. these are just projected images of you existing in the past, simultaneously (now) or future aspects of you that simply need to be remembered,understood, & through self work,love, & meditation brought back & owed by you.

I would be interested in hearing any of your experiences if you choose.

“You are self love,” & I truly love you….GG

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