The Ancient One

Another of the fascinating characters I adore.

This time it is a fictional comic book character who made his debut in “Strange Tales” July 1963.

Born simply Yao in the Himalayas 500 yrs ago, the the sorcerer called “The Ancient One” yearned to study sorcery rather then religion. He learnt his craft in the Himalayan village of *Kamar-Taj*(a fictional village).

Being young bright,brave & enthusiastic he soon become a master sorcerer, & eventually become “The sorcerer Supreme of Earth,s Dimension.

To prevent a dark energy demon named ” Shuma-Gorath, from entering the Earth’s dimension, the by now Elderly Sorcerer , had to shut down his brain. By doing this he thaweted the intrusion, but this act caused “The Ancient One ” to die in his mortal form, but his Astral form become one with the universe.. I love the elements of Truth that embody the stories in these wonderful fictional hereos…we can learn so much from comic books…that’s the childlike nature in me .lol.

Love Love be childlike, not childish. ..đź’–


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