More 11/11

Tommorow is of course is 11/11 an exciting time in our ,Earth’s & cosmic expansion & awareness.
If any of my beautiful readers wish to experience the benefits of this truly amazing shift that is blessing & Bringing us into a new epoch, era, age..then you might to try this…At 11.11am tomorrow do a 33 minute meditation, & another of the same length at 11.11pm.
The time & length of the meditations are the key to this…33 being 3×11..3, 33, & twice 33 makes 3333. All these numbers are sacred angel numbers, the 3333 being the most sacred angel no…angelic mastery, a blessing from the angelic realms…I will be doing a series of articles on sacred numbers soon..but for now if you wish just open up to the majestic energy gateway upon us.
As ever I welcome any feedback on your experiences ..💜
Know you are forever loved..GG


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