Expanding Time

Time . Lol…I love this subject..now pay attention 😇.

First dose time exist!.. Essentially No, it’s just free, flowing energy, where past,present & future co-exist differently to our preconceived 3D reality.

As we expand through the higher dimensional realms, time also expands , so in rigid dense time concept in 3D(our human form reality) has been designed & created to fit our purpose , throughout humanity,s existence we have used this rigid structure as a barometer or focal point for organizing our society.

The problem with this is we have surrendered, knowingly or not our energy flow to accommodate this time controlling environment.

Thus adding yet another restraining mechanism to our already controlled life. In order to re-unite with our free flowing light energy body, this 3D time structure that physically controls us, needs to be expanded..so here is a excecise that is designed to aide you not only in this, but also move your understanding of time (for those who feel they need it)..from just headspace knowledge, to your knowing time can be expanded.

Take a clock similar to the one in the picture. Prop it up so sitting comfortable you are at face level, when looking at the clock face.

Now choose a hour that you feel most comfortable looking at ie, 1pm. Gaze lightly at your choosen number , then engage your hearing,listening to the tick ticking, really sense the seconds ticking away for about a minute or so. .lol. Then chose 1 of the minute segments between your choosen hour number & the next & move your face & eyeline as near to this as possible,keeping focused on your minute, blank your mind, listening to the seconds as they tick, after a while (I was going to say moment)..lol. you will gradually become aware that the distance between the tick ticking of the seconds expand, they will elongate, you will have begun to experience expanding time

This exercise fine regularly will allow you to actually know time can be expanded.. because you will experience it…in no time at all. Lol.

Again should you wish you can share your experiences with me.

In respect, gratitude & love GG


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