An example of your personal energy & a dimensional gateway.

I always try to give whenever possible practical examples of my experiences.

I have already in my posts ” 🌏5D overlay” & “The disappearing hand”shown how you can see the speckled mist overlay, & how you can watch your hand /arm go all soapy & translucent (virtually disappearing).as it enters that dimension.

Here is another example of how to see & feel your own energy, thus creating a gateway to another dimension.

Against a dark background, & in low light, make a C with your thumb & 1st finger similar to the above photo. Or like πŸ‘Œamoji, with a gap…lol. With little movement move the fingers both fingers of the C, back & forth (up & down)πŸ”ΌπŸ”½ around 15-20 times or until you, a band of energy between your fingers,this varies from person to person, depending on your own energy level (but everybody, if done correctly, ie, dark background,low light, should see a energy field.

By using your other 1st finger & slowly push it against the energy band , you will feel the energy, in lots of people this energy is strong, it will bounce like a rubber band, this is a very good technique for measuring your energy expansion, as your energy expands the more visible it becomes, & stronger to the touch.

I would welcome to hear any of your own personal experiences using this if you wish to tell me.

Take care blessings in love & Light..GG


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