Only You

Only You can change yourself!!. There is nothing you need or want outside of yourself, you are contributing to world change, you are the creator of a better brighter, more caring Earth, but that only starts with you–by utilising higher dimensional vibrational visualizations, thinking ,speaking & acting upon these the chain of change happens.

As you change you attract more.people who have also changed to you, ..thus creating more potential. But everyone of the people you attract has changed themselves,or created a reality in alignment with your new wave of energy…you cannot change anybody else, we can all offer advice,tools, techniques,etc some of which will work for us others might not… things are pretty simplistic really…you choose ,you make the choices that create your life & help change the planet,as do I & everybody else’s choices define the world.

You & me can break the stranglehold of control that mis-guided, mis-directed, or conscious choice humans think they have , 3D is just an intense dense energy that is held together through mass linear thinking & actions.

That is now dissipating, & the veil is thinning, you are the power to a new thriving 5D Earth reality…& when enough individual you,s change , it happens.

Much love to you all.

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