Being Right!!


It’s so much better for you to be happy then Right!!. When you insist on being ➡️, you step into so many duality aspects of our 3D illusionary reality..there is no right there is only knowing or not knowing, when you understand & have your knowing, right becomes a thing for everybody else who dose not understand their knowing.. which is fine, it’s ok you accept everybody,s rightness as being correct to them. In knowing you are happy with your own understanding of everything you are…even if 1 million others disagree with you , it’s irrelevant, once you know ,you know, pointless disagreements over duality issues causes seperation from the oneness of source we are..choose to happy rather then Right, I am never ➡️, I only ever know or don’t know. . simples… blessings in love💞…GG

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