11/11 Gateway

In just over 5 days we enter the 11/11 gateway for 2020…this is a time of the year we enter our own personal Zero Point .

This year is particularly potent, & holds great potential, 11 is the sacred number of angels, this energy gets massive when it opens on the 11th month of each year..here is a simple excecise to try in the days leading up to this powerful energy event ..it is a 5D expansion opening technique.

Close your eyes, breath & exhale 11 times, in the blank space in your mind, bring forth 3 objects, be specific, a yellow horse drawn cart for instance, a white owl , a feather, hold each of these images for a few moments then release them..open your eyes, give gratitude relax..now over the next few days without focusing on any of your objects, just be aware & see if they turn up in your life, remember they could turn up anywhere at anytime, words,song,pictures, on doors, shop signs, advertising boards, books,comics, etc…don,t worry if they do not..it’s about training your mind & conscious to attract _ create in a simple way. .I would be interested in your experiences , if you care to let me know ..

The 11/11 is the big for trance, meditation…love love 💜. GG

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