The Arcturians & Sacred Geometry: implants

The Arcturians are  higher dimensional light beings that exist in  the *Bootles” constellation star system. .. there home  planet us  known as Arcturus, any ๐ŸŒŸ system app will give you basic access to this to learn more about this star system
The Arcturians themselves have been channelling us messages for a good few years now.
I have listened to a lot of this  channeled data.  The Arcturians themselves are a loving ,playful race of light beings, that have  come to offer their higher dimensional wisdom & knowledge….& assist us in our & Earth’s  expansion to 5D & beyond .
I found one particular channelling session from around 2017/18 very fascinating & interesting, & now after transmuting it from just *headspace knowledge” to personal understanding, feel now is the time to write this in my own words. It is not as charming & witty as the Arcturian version…lol…& is only a part of the entire can if you wish hear a ton of there channeled conversations by simply going on YouTube
“Humanity as they expand into their higher light bodies, (Merkabah), gain more access & understanding of the universes wisdom & knowledge, part of this is being aware that when the individual self is expansive enough & your body is able to absorb… one of the sacred symbols of Geometry will be implanted in you will not get a chance which one. .as this is already decided. You will however become aware of this happening , as overtime you will see this symbol more than any will be shown to you more till this will be your only focused intention. .when this happens, the implant will take place “
How fascinating & truly mesmerising. The rise of enlightened super humans is truly upon us…Chaos,dis-order,mus-trust, control,envy,anger judgement, lack,are all being lifted & absorbed   into the the unity of light & love…. blessings & love GG


One response to “The Arcturians & Sacred Geometry: implants”

  1. I think this happened to me a couple nights ago while I was sleeping, I could feel a divine beingโ€™s presence and the energy of the sacred geometry being implanted it was a glowing golden flower of life and I woke me up in the middle of this taking place. Since I can still feel the radiating energy in my chest where it was implanted. Thank you for posting this article and sharing this information.
    Radiant Blessings, Infinite Love and Light!


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