Back drop syndrome

I am not a Medical professional any information contained in this article is for advice & information only. If any of the symptoms referred to persists, feel free to consult a doctor.. thanks.

Another sign that you might be awakening or expanding, is if you wake in the morning with lower back pain around the kidney,coccyx area. I term this ad the Back drop Syndrome. As we detox, & shift blocked energies & slush not needed, throughout.our bodies,via overnight meditation,trance,dream & astral states these shifting energies flow downwards &out through the lower back region, the kidneys & coccyx act as a filter & drainage point for there release, the saying *I feel stabbed in the back” comes to mind.

Depending on how much backache /pain/twinges you feel, pertains to how much stuff you dissipate overnight.. if this is a sign of awakening, growth, expansion, symptom, it should pass after you do a bit of physical activity..should they persist longer than about half an hour , ,& day after day, you might want to seek medical my experiences of the back drop, it tends to last no longer the 20 minutes, & I get these symptoms about 2-3 times a week..just be cautious for own well-being… blessings in love & light GG

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