Aliester Crowley 1875-1947 (occultist/magician

Another of those fascinating historical characters

Born into a wealthy family who owned a brewery. He was educated at Trinity college, Cambridge…he soon took an interest in Western Estoricism (various forms of Western philosophy, religion,art, literature,, music, spiritually,& magic).

By the age of 23 he had joined the Esoteric ” Hermetic order of the golden Dawn” a society that practiced the teachings of ceremonial magic, soon becoming a Master Magician..he travelled extensively, learning about Buddhism,& Hinduism, & while traveling to Egypt in 1904 he claimed he was contacted by an entity named Hiwass.. which enabled him to write in days a book called ” The book of Truth”. ..the writing of this book & his constant clashes with the “Golden Dawn” heiracahy caused him to leave that organization & form his own society/organization “The religion of Thelma”..whose motto was “do what thou wilt”

Having so called pro-german tendacies, during pre w11 & the years beyond he was once labeled “the most evil man in Britain” was claimed he was a big recreational drug experimenter, , & once took enough opium to kill an Elephant & survived..he was considered to be among the most powerful magicians of his time.

Although married, it was allegied he was bisexual,& he & his followers often had magic/sex orgies…

I did in my early years take a deep interest in the golden Dawn, Ceremonial magic, the occult, Tarot, & Qabbalah, hence my interest in this rather charasmatic if egotistical gentleman… blessings & love GG

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