Sacred 1st Introduction to the double pyramid.

Around 21yrs ago, I attended a day long seminar in London , by a renowned (at that time) metaphysical lecturer & author.

The afternoon session was dedicated to sacred Geometry,.I knew a little,about this, but not that much, what I knew was predominantly what I term “headspace knowledge” , my knowing was very limited ( not completely void)…lol.

The last couple of hours was dedicated to the host, trying to convey what at that time as far as I am aware , new information,data, symbol knowledge, wisdom,call it what you will, he said he had been given access involved a rather, to me anyway, complex & complicated double pyramid (new sacred symbol) explanation, about how this symbol represented the 26 dimensional universe.

A Point at the center of the square middle base was deemed to be Zero point …most of the audience (including me) seemed lost (that being a judgement by me at the time) ironically the lecturer himself seemed to sense his audience ( most of it anyway)was not ready to digest or understand this information..& in all grace & respect to him ,he swiftly moved on ,gently bringing the day to a with a guided meditation & a gloriously funny story.

Now 20 odd years later , my knowing of sacred Geometry & symbols has greatly improved & the double pyramid knowledge is becoming more readily understood by many many I am still awaiting the full knowing, of this knowledge, a young puppy really .. fascinating information however,..worth keeping in your headspace as I am almost certain, you & me will as unity expansion happens eventually know .

You are all beautiful,loved beings ..GG


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