Sacred Geometry

There are 7 basic sacred Geometry symbols. Yes 7 . They are the basic 🔺,◼️,🔵, & ➕, The spiral, the single pyramid,& the ✡️ the star of David.

Here is a brief idea there meaning.

🔺:Balance,elevating to higher consciousness

🔵: Wholeness, oneness,cycle of life.

◼️: Stability, the base of the pyramid

➕:The midpoint is heaven & Earth merging

The spiral: golden number, Fibonacci, connects physical self to higher self.

The ⏏️:contains the spiral,◼️&🔺& the numbers 3(triangle) & 4 (square)

✡️:This is the 2D symbol.of the Mekabah. (Light body)..

This is a very very basic beginning…I will put up a follow in the next day or so, a kind of personal experience example.

Much blessings.GG


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