Appointment with Death

A old middle Eastern fable tells the story of a young merchant in Ancient Mesopotamia. He was sitting in a hotel when he thought he saw death walk in.

You know the one, hooded & dressed in black flowing robes, carrying it’s trademark Skythe. Not the more glamorous punk female creation in the “Sandman” comics by Neil Gaiman…lol.

Fear seized the merchant, ” ow my God, death as come for me” he thought. Panic-stricken he the hotel & grabbed a nearby camel rushing of into the endless night desert.

4 weeks he rode, barely stopping, till hungry,thirsty & exhausted he stopped in a beautiful Oasis, certain he had left death behind.

He helped himself to the ripe vibrant fruits eating ravishingly before bending down & drinking from a clear fresh water pool. As he did so he saw the reflection of death in the water..he turned & in fear said ” you, how , I thought I left you behind in Bagdad” ..death was perplexed & puzzled by this, “You in Bagdad ” he said ” yes I saw you” replied the merchant..death answered amusement in his voice” my dear fellow, I was not there for you, I had other business is here that I am meant to take you . because of your fear of me you arrived here earlier the expected. However now you are here I must take it is destiny”…

This story reminds me & illustrates that you cannot run from your fears need to look at them, understand them , learn from them, love them ,then release them..even

Have a wonderful light blessed day..GG


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