All aboard the Arc to 5D & beyond.

According to light & energy worker Jarrad Hewett, who is  renowned for his insights,techniques, & work, who I respect & admire, Earth has had 30 energy shifts this month…now I can only say this is what I call “headspace knowledge ” as fact, but can tell you as personal knowing, so being able to add weight to this statement, I have felt the Earth’s energy shift on 6/7 occasions this something big Is happening.
Each shift brings 3D Earth reality closer to 5D  & beyond we humans expand our & our own bodies are able to take in more light..our expanding energy assists in helping Earth in this transformation. As more new information & data is  able to filter down to 3/4 D ,it’s refreshing to be able to see & know more & more of humanity are awakening & expanding into higher light bodied 3D humans , bringing that jump closer…This is so exciting, & I applaud all of you  (me included) are either on or waiting to enter the ARC to the 5D & beyond…happy days the queue to enter the ARC is probably 100,s of millions or more..let’s ensure we all make this happen.
A brighter , joyful .ore caring, co-operative planet awaits us, no more lack, judgement,derisory,anger,fear, egotistical control, greed, manipulation..just freedom of choice to create & build a truly wonderful Earth of divine source love for All.
For those interested Jarrad Hewett,s website is
Blessings & love GG

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