The numbers game.

Firstly before I continue, I wish to let it be known I have empathy with all the families that have lost somebody in the Covid -19 situation.

According to the latest official numbers/figures, worldwide Covid-19 related deaths is 1,173,777…When this figure is related to the mass populace,most gasp,or shirk in horror, dismay, shock,or some other fear based thought  or emotion…this is exactly what the so called controlling  mis-directed, mus-guided, elite of humanity desire..induced fear is one of biggest techniques at these humans disposal. Fear based emotions= more rules,restrictions to protect the mass of the population… ensuring  less freedom in 3D reality .

Step back from the mass hysteria of this number,& let’s look at this number  differently ,a  more detached enlightened viewpoint.
7.5 billion worldwide humans÷by 1,163,77= ?..well the world Jewish population is approx 13 million=0.2 % of the world the worldwide % of Covid-19 related deaths less then 0.1%.. hardly a mass extermination of humanity, like we are led to believe, this is how it is better to perceive, as it kind of shows the lengths that panicking, controlling, mis-directed, or choice conscious humans will go to ,to try & prop up a powerbase falling system & illusionary reality. They can either help in creating the Earth’s transformation, or get eaten by their own fear…it makes little difference as we don’t die anyway, is it better however, to live in a vibrant, healthy,higher vibrational expanding,respectful, world, with your own collective light bodied 3D humans, in harmony,co-operation, grace,honour & gratitude…or maybe not.. choice is freedom. have my love, honour & blessings…GG


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