Nicholas Flamel.. alchemist 1330-?

I love characters like this , full of mystery, intrigue & charisma.

Nicholas Flamel, born in Paris 1330..a scripture, bookseller, spoke a dozen languages, married in 1368 to a beautiful so called sorceress named “Pernelle”

He had a dream about a book that could transmute & transform metals using something called the Philosophers stone& how to produce a brew called the “elixer of life”. ,that was meant to enable the drinker to live for hundreds of years or more.

Some years later he coincidentally meet a Jewish peddler who tried to sell him a 21 page book, that once belonged to a kebbalic scholar named Abreham..another Flamel immediately bought.

Not being able to read Hebrew or understand Kebbalic symbols, he went to Spain a place at the time of great Jewish achievement & understanding, in order to.learn both.

It was not until 21 years to the day he purchased the book, which was 21 pages , yes another coincidence,that he had sufficient knowledge to understand the book..& his legendary status as a master alchemist took root…the alchemy of inner our journey is the transmutation of our inner self using among other things the purple Ray of transformation, & as for the elixer of life we don’t as a conscious light source energy many talented scholar,s throughout history have sought this brew, only for it to found drinking regular amounts of mineral water & meditation. Lol…have a wonderful day..lots of love GG

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