Head & heart in unity.

Humankind has reached a crucial point in there higher self evolution. We are now in the Ascension space where the heart & head need to work in unity to aide not only our growth, but planet Earth’s as well.

The head & heart have for millennia, served us as seperate entries, unable in the masses to unify & assist each other in serving us & the universe in it’s much needed Ascension.

Much of this was due to the heart chakra being the most difficult to fully open into. what is known as the “expanded heart”…a lot of 3D Earth stuff,shadow self & dark ess is held in this space, thus the difficulty.

When the pineal & piturity glands are both spinning ,open & clear, this enables the flow of the heart energy to merge with our throat, third eye & crown centers & the 5 Chakras beyond , helping the heart open into the expanded heart space, the area that holds all the inner bodies love energy, when activated fully our growth becomes amazing & knowledge, wisdom & knowing flows freely, the unity of our hearts love & that of the incoming single source universal love truly resonants with us…this is one area of high intensity blockage in our quest for spiritual growth.

Here is a excecise that in my own experience helps you reach expanded heart space you can try if you wish.

Take a large sheet of drawing paper & a pink or red pencil, & draw a small heart about 2/3 Inches in size..close your eyes & put this small heart in yours ..then draw a larger heart around the 1st, place this one inside your heart if this seems to big, visualize your heart expanding till it pushes against the bigger image..repeat the excecise 5 times in all drawing each heart bigger & expanding your own heart each time, repeat as often as needed..if you listen to a pineal & piturity gland opening meditation (which you can get on you tube) after this, you will find your awakening will amaze you. .you can give me your thoughts on.this exercise if you wish.

This union of head – heart is the next stage of an higher enlightened human . A move to the I am one source energy..love GG


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