The blindfold Angel

There lies a wonderful expanse of woidland near by filled with vibrant thriving nature.
Within this beautiful creation there is a beautiful tree covered Grove, that has dazzling coloured flowers &  plants pulsating alive & beautiful. It is a place of immense splendour,&  peaceful tranquility,where the only sounds are birds in harmonic song.
The scampering & rustling of wildlife,&  squirrel’s playing. A place where enormous stunning healthy tree’s radiate powerful energy & will  allow when asked let you hug them & share there knowledge..In the untouched growth of bushes , flowers,plants & tree’s,  is an angel she sits perched majestically among the enormous tree’s hovering about 20ft or so in the air , she has  wonderful soft curved wings , that caressed with joy the multi-colured branches, glowing & stunning her face is radiant compassionate & almost translucent.. oddly she wears a blindfold..
She is the guardian of this Grove,& although blindfolded, can see, everything through the eye of the universe. Her very presence omits a calming influence, a feeling of joy & peace . The angel it seems remains vigilant all times, simply watching, & protecting mother nature’s creatures ..they say she speaks rarely ,& when she does her words imprint & leave a tiny bit of her wisdom on those who are blessed enough to hear her. .. nobody it seems knows her name, & may never will. Humbled by her presence & dedication…I love her dearly, even though I have never seen her. .I allow her essence  to permeate through me ..lots of love 🥰..GG

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