A personal example of intuition at work

A while ago I was heading out to my local computer shop. I took my normal route, the sun was shining, , birds were chirping, everything was alive,bright & dandy.

Suddenly I got the impulse of a incoming source message, it swept through me, clear & precise, insisting I should take a detour & visit the quint coffee shop nearby instead..I have since my 30,s always obeyed these urges,prompts,& feelings, so with a slight shrug of my shoulders I took the detour suddenly desiring a coffee & doughnut..lol.

I reached the “Coffee lodge” & the aroma of fresh coffee & cakes wafted at my senses. I entered & ordered, taking a seat by the window overlooking the pretty garden.

Suddenly I heard the sounds of sirens & saw blue flashing lights nearby…It turned out there was a major incident at the very computer shop I was going to originally visit, windows smashed, ugly fight ,all kinds of negative stuff..just about at the same time I would have been there…instead there I was in joyful bliss drinking wonderful coffee & eating fresh doughnut,s. . always,always trust that instinctive, knowing moment..it has never failed me yet…listen, be in awareness & know you are forever safe…love love GG

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