Earth in 5D..when?

This is difficult for me, I always unless I state so come from my own personal knowing, as previous mentioned “headspace knowledge” is recycled information, that until you know personally may or may not be true, despite the origin of the source, no matter how interesting or insightful.

So I can tell you through my own personal knowing, Earth is in transition from 3D to 5D..the question as to when? Is the issue, so in truth I from a personal knowing perspective, cannot answer with certainty..let’s play a of headspace knowledge, & a little intuition, feeling,& guesswork gives me an indication as to when. So here is my

Anytime between November 2021 & December 21 2022, I would personally not think later then this date…if any of you have any personal estimations or better still actual knowing then feel free to join in & let me know?..some interaction is fun,& other people’s insights are very helpful as we can all.learn from each other, perspective is a wonderful thing..I send gratitude,with honour & gracešŸ„°…GG


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