V for Vendetta

The film from the comic book by Alan Moore “V for Vendetta” is one of those films that has such spiritual depth & meaning in fact the simularities to today’s world are startingly coincidental. Lol…In the film of 2007, Britain was depicted in the late 202O,s as being controlled by a sinister government, just after a virus pandemic named “ST Mary’s” ..a freedom fighter who wore a guy Fawkes mask led the struggle for a free society..that struggle was aided by a female..played by Natalie Portman…the union of the male & female energies..the Feminine energy being the mysterious force protected my the masculine.

Today we find ourselves in a similar paradox, only worldwide this time, we have Governments using the Covid 19 pandemic, as reason enough to impose tough restrictions on our perceived 3D reality ..I suspect when this vivid eventually ends , most of these restrictions will remain in place…

What is happening , is the last vestiges of the mis-infomed,or corrupt self acknowledged members of humanity are sensing there here before powerbase of darkness seeping away, as Earth is rapidly expanding from dense 3D to a higher evolving 5D existence, they are feeling powerless, & panicking, scared there version of the world is collapsing.. which of course it is…less & less of humanity now confirm to there idea of how things should be..big changes are afoot. & Swathes of humanity are now evolving, soon those of us who still persist in outdated non-serving ways will mis-out on experiencing the beautiful, wonderful,exciting,fresher new Earth that is upon us. Shame really, but each individual can either contribute to this vibrant energy or not…that is choice, expansion or not…only you can contribute & save yourself, others have the power to do so..if they choose. ..there is not right or wrong just choice. ..I send you all a ❤️ felt light blessing…GG

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