Head space knowledge & spiritual knowing.

Nearly everybody on a spiritual journey has read at least one book on the subject..often many more..I know I did, dozens.in fact.

We were either recommend, this author,guru, or teacher or intuitively happened..lol.across a book that took.our fancy… within these glorious pages we found, much knowledge,that any author,guru,or teacher worth there salt , passed on, from there own experiences..often along with tools & techniques that they personally used to acquire there knowing!!.

Upon reading such, material our brain takes in this information, & is stored as spiritual knowledge, this is what I refer to as ” head space knowledge” at this moment in our own spiritual growth & journey, we only have precisely that head space knowledge..until we actually experience any personal awakening, & similar experiences , we do not have any actual spiritual knowing..so no matter how informative the information in any book maybe..until you experience it personally it means nothing.. techniques & tools are truly the only thing worth any value in any book..more so if they personally work for you & the knowledge becomes the wonderful art of knowing..only you can access your knowing,..no author,teacher or guru can do it for you.

Move from “headspace knowledge” to your knowing…I bless you all ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’œ..GG

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