Our 12 strand DNA. ?

It’s been known for a while that humankind had a 12 strand dna helix, & not the conventional double helix that is the common conception.

It now is wider known that we humans have been genetically altered to a two stroke engine .lol..the reason being to enable us to be more easily controlled , unable to remember who we really are & how powerful we actually are beyond this 3D constriction…light multi-dimensional beings from a single love source energy.

Gradually having overcome the bilious darkness, Shadow self & controlling influences of mis-directed humans the missing elements of our true self & potential is emerging ..with the guidance & wonderful knowledge of the higher dimensional light beings , more of humanity can now & have found ways to repair our DNA structure bit by bit, as we through spiritual work & expansion , realign with our now known 12 structure Chakras, yes 12, the 7 that is genuinely known by 💯,s of millions & a further 5 that begin above the crown & expand outward,upwards & beyond into the 4th & 5th dimensions,..thus allowing the flow of our own individual knowledge,& wisdom & the collective knowledge & history of the universe..as we download more data, out Dna strands repair..I am certain there are those humans amongst us who,s dna is fully restored.. & many more are healing & being repaired.. am I ?..I know I am , but to what extent..I have absolutely no idea…YET. .lol. here’s to your own fully repaired human structure…you are all needed in this awesome,amazing , expansion that is happening right now. ..you have my💖felt, love, blessings & respect. GG


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