Freedom is choice not trying to escape from restriction..when you do remember who you are you know you choose to come here in a restricted 3D body & environment, , it is a learning experience you choose as an infinite.light ,source being,… only this 3D environment is so dense & our understanding limited we soon forget this, ..-& align with the rules & restriction that is imposed on Earth in 3D.. remembering is the key..knowing me,you ,us are all individual sovereign aspects of the same light, unity,source energy,..there is no seperation,..we are all essentially love at source , but have come here with a sole purpose, we all have gifts,talents , presents & knowledge to offer, to help, mother Gaia, ,the beautiful spiritually evolved animals, the wonderful higher dimensional beings of light & evolving humanity expand & lift, Earth ,ourselves & the universe into an ever evolving awareness, we all seek unity & home. Possibly Known as Zero point. I love you all in blessings of unity & light 💯💥💞. GG

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