The beautiful light beings aiding us..

We live in exciting times!!..probably the most exciting time on Earth in 100,000,s of years of Humanity, humans are probably expanding more spiritually & in far more numbers then ever before.

One of the main reasons for this is the war against the darkest, negative, shadow self , call it what you will, energies, has been reduced significantly, meaning that the thick crust of crud, that 15/20 yrs ago restricted the flow of light from higher dimensions , began to get cracks in it…a trickle at first, that soon became a wide enough space /s for light to penetrate through, allowing the energies of higher dimensional light beings to descend into the lower dimensions , & make themselves & there energies more accessable to humankind, the knowledge of 5D & above beings such as Paladiens, Arcturians, Sirian,s ,lemurians, & others could be passed on to us ,as they filtered down into our ever expanding consciousness..this help & advice is invaluable, welcome ,& any information we get should be received with humility, grace & gratitude.they are beautiful, loving & are here to help us & Earth move to 5D & above…you have my grace, gratitude, blessings & love 😇💕💫. GG


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