Lucid Dreaming

In the 80,s I was a big admirer of Carlos Castaneda, …he was for those who are unaware of this man.. deemed by himself & his fellow practitioners, a “Socerer” …the core of his practices was what would be now known more commanly as “lucid dreaming” is when we are sleeping that our multiple outer bodies ,sub- conscious, & etheric subtle energies experience our most expansion, we enter alternate dimensions, our other timelines & merging with the source energy that we are,.. basically “Dreamtime” remembering our dream time we can grow beyond recognition, as we remember who we are..Lucid dreaming is the art of remembering these dreams, are a couple of practices that you may wish to try that I personally found helpful in aiding in this practice.. try keeping a glass of water by your bed, take a couple of sips before sleep, then count 100,99 98,,97,96,95,.I will remember my dreams, 94 93,92,91, 90..I will remember my dreams. A count of 5 downwards then the words ” I will remember my dreams” reach Zero..this done regularly will aide you immensely in dream recall, as soon as you wake drink the rest of the water , as it becomes ionized overnight..You may!!? know you are lucid dreaming, it will be real, test if it is real simply try feeling one of your arms during these experiences..feel free to let me know about your experiences…you are source, oneness & multidimensional, as well as loved & love 💞..GG

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