Book of Birds

There was a book laying on the floor,as soon as it was approached it sprouted wings & flew away.
One of its wings was black & shiny like a magnificent Raven, the other was silky & pure white, like a vibrant beautiful dove.
The book so I have been told was around 6″ thick & dark Ruby red. The word “Revelations” in gold lettering flashed on the cover.
Fly fly,fly, far away, seeking, searching,looking, a speck in the sky, graceful,elegant,soaring eminating a Emerald hue, in it’s passing, untouched & Unnoticed by most.
Powerful, resplendent, regal in it’s flight, directed by Gaia, Earth mother to another place, circling swooping, homing in on its next place to rest, as it lands majestically.
A Grove this time, filled with light, abundant & vibrant, with the finest plants, tree’s,animals,.there were however no Birds
As this flying majestic book lands ,it’s wings are no more, just a old book ,ancient yet in mint condition..the words “revelations”shimmered for a moment then we’re replaced by new letters ” The book of Birds” .The Grove vibrated & echoed as a voice said” Revelations about birds are what are needed.. take heed & learn”
The lettering was now soft & Lilac in colour & the transformation was mesmerising.
The wind blew the pages open & revealed the pages , alive & full of life There were handrawen & painted pictures of hundreds of birds, wonderfully & pointingly depicted on delightful patterned, pages..some only had a single bird on them, others had several..there were eagles, magpies, Robin’s, sparrow, blue,green,yellow,, they were mesmerising, whoever did this was a remarkable artist, who could conjour with colours & lines ..suddenly where there no Birds ,they arrived in there droves..a magnificent caphonoy of sound & sight…oh the beauty of this wonderful Earth..
You are all beautiful, love,honour & Gratitude GG

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