The Jigsaw

The information, data & downloads we get from our spiritual journey can often cause some frustration, you for example may want to go in a certain direction with your life, but feel stuck, the information you get you may not yet understand…i have learned that our source information, be it visions, , data, sound, or other, is often like the pieces of a jigsaw, its all there only scattered & often the orices do not seem to fit….yet amazingly they do..let me give you a personal example:

During my 1st real forage into expansion, guided meditation was as is today a mJor tool used, for years I found visualisation.during these medative session very difficult, I saw colours, dark specks most of the time…but nearly always my arns , hands & figures would move involuntary , making what at the time I thought were a mish mass of symbols…i then thought they weree fractual patterns….i was confused & frustrated by this…it was only many years later, when I personal was ready began to finally visualize with clarity did I know that I had in fact been tracing & making light langauge symbols…..30 years ago light language was rarely known about, it was not time , certainly for me anyhow to understand this…as I said many years later, when I had expanded my knowing, remembering & capacity to assimilate this wisdom & gift, & use it accordingly .The peice of the Jigsaw fitted,&/i learned so much in the coming togeather of it all.. So you beautiful multidimensional straddlers ,the understanding you are meant to aquire will be,love GG


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