Unity into Expansion

As we Expand we gradually recognise our unity with all things, as more & more humankind rise there vibrational frequency, the energy of planet Earth🌍 expands.

We are here to aide & assist in planet 🌏s ascension from 3D to 5D..not unconsciously add to its seeming destruction.

The rapid expansion of humans over the last 5yrs as been massive!!..multi-dimensional human straddlers, are now in abundance, you, me, us are no longer odd 🏀 🏀 ,weird maybe in the 👁️ of too many still, but whereas 10/15 yrs ago we often felt or worked alone, we now work & are assisted by higher dimensional light beings ,such as Acturians, Paladiens, Sirians, & more as well as higher evolving humans.

Collectively by seemingly being “Selfish” by 💕 ourself, we are actually growing together, Soon there will be enough humans elevated to enable the wonderful Goddess Gaia shift her beloved Earth into the 5 dimension…happy ,exciting times lay ahead…so just know by working on yourself you not only bring more fulfilment to your life, you are collectively helping mankind, earth, the higher beings & the entire universe evolve…much blessings & love 💕 GG

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