The exotic& sensual garden of Light.

Just a few feet away, beyond illusory 3D, lies a shimmering garden of light.

The 🌸,a shimmer & glow ,their colors intermingle & dance erotically, sensual, sending a warm sensation through your Metabah light body.

Pure essence is visible, vibrant lavender that looks like floating leaves,shining brilliant golden yellow threads , soft soothing light emerald pearls, rings of purple & circles of orange like smoke.

Multicoloured birds 🐦 of a heavenly nature , flutter there wings,circling majestically around & around. A squirrel chases it’s own tail, a white husky dog plays with a 🌈 🏀. The plants move of there own accord in tune to a mesmering song, a song of 😍, laughter& fun, rhythmic& soothing. There are owls, Eagles & white tigers, all mingling together in harmony & respect, An incredible feeling of divine love 💕 & honour.

Several gaily coloured trees are fluttering gently in a soft breeze, a delightful array of sweet& perfumed smells trickle your senses & torment your 👃, ☁️,a of silver & red perform delightful acrobatic routines, & strange mushrooms 🍄, grapes & cabbage grow.

A place of great activity & yet nothing seems to happen, a place of laughter& song yet silence reigns, abundant colours abound yet only a heavenly 🔆 shines…a place of astounding beauty, yet beyond description..a place only a few feet away yet un visited by most. ..come & visit, its within your thoughts , perceptions& manifestation abilities…i send you 💞 in grace & gratitude. GG

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