🌍5 Dimensional Overlay.

Around the year 2000, I was told the Earth experienced a 5th dimensional overlay, a bridging of the gap, between this 3D earth & dimensions beyond…when seen it resembled something like the above picture…

It took me until 2010 to actually experience its existence.I refer to this as the “speckled mist phenomenon” Since 2019 I have had the wonderful opportunities to experience this vision, every night if I choose.

When looked at you can(depending on your growth)see how close the 5th dimension is & see images beyond the mist

If you want to see this for yourself, here’s how I accesss it…when in a dark room, preferably at 🌌..relax sitting or lying down, I mostly am laying in bed, a little trickle of light πŸ’‘ helps..first gaze at the wall or ceiling in front of you..slowly move your πŸ‘€line towards you, till you are gazing at a spot approximately 8 to 10″ in front of you..blink a couple of times,refocus relaxed, & after about 10-15 seconds you should see a speckled mist appear dancing & moving majestically in front of you….this is the visible gateway to dimensions beyond our 3D…..try this excercise a few times ifs you wish , eventually you will see “the speckled mist anomaly.. Once seen, access to a higher dimension is almost certain. In gratitude ❀️& blessings GG

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